Dental Month Extended!!

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Hello dear friends and clients,

Dental month is EXTENDED! 
March welcomes our furry friends who still need their beautiful, healthy smiles ready for St. Patty's kisses!
During the month of March all dental work is still 20% off! 
We know that will make you smile, so book up your appointment with us to ensure we get your companion scheduled in during this special extension.
For cats and dogs, please connect with our small animal receptionists, Norit or Kelsey; and for horses please connect with our Equine Coordinator, Laurie.
All dental procedures require blood work prior to appointment (can be done day of), it is a separate charge and does not apply for the discount.... but keep smiling because 20% off is going towards the dental bill!
Dental work is not only a cosmetic joy, and a pleasure for pup kisses, but is a major component in maintaining the health of our furry mates. Routine dental upkeep can extend the lifespan of our companions and lets face it, that makes everybody smile.
We look forward to serving your needs in March, with 20% off all dental procedures.

Thank you,